Chinese Management Studies


CMS Conference 2015 Archive

These are the archived documents taken during the Chinese Management Studies Conference 2015 in Singapore.


CMS Conference 2015 Programme & Highlights (PDF)
CMS Conference 2015 Early Notification (PDF)
CMS Conference 2015 Brochure - Updated (PDF)
CMS Conference 2015 Travel Guide (PDF)
The Art of War with translations by Lionel Giles (PDF)

Presentation Files

• Do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices 
Make a Difference in 
Eastern and Western Contexts?
• Factors Influencing the Food Firm's Intention to Control Quality Safety in China: The Moderating Effects of Government Regulation
• Do Psychological Contract and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Affect Organizational Performance in Non-profit Organizations?
• Commercialization Strategies of Taiwanese Start-ups
• The Effect of Emotional Expression on Creativity: A Study of Colleges in China
• Research on the Construction of Curriculum System in Corporate Universities from Learners’ Perspective
• The Social Network Approach towards Crowdfunding in China and USA
• Exploring the Conception of Technological Capability of China’s AS Firms: 
A Comparison between Orthogonal Rotation and Oblique Rotation
• Effects of Absorptive Capability on the Relationship between External Networks and Innovation: Evidence from FDI-Embedded Clusters in China
• Standardization and Innovation: 
The Case of Chinese Information and Communication Technology Industry
• How Relational Capital influences Learning in International Strategic Alliances? The Cases of Russia-Taiwan Alliances
• Informal Employee in Urban China: Self Education and Jiang-hu Discipline 非正规就业者的自我学习与“江湖”规训
• Disparity in Returns to Education in China: Urban vs Rural, Male vs Female
• Managing for CSR and Business Sustainability in China 中国式企业社会责任和可持续发展管理
• Quantization Orientated Management in Research Work across Hospitals
• Risk Perceptions from China’s Transformation and Relocating Decisions: Korean Jewelry Manufacturers in China