Research Papers & Other Written Works

This section highlights the diverse body of published research and written work which Dr Foo Check Teck has accumulated over the years.


2002 / Zakat and Secular Taxation


2003 / Visualising Complexity in Corporate Identity on the Internet: an Empirical Investigation
2006 / Competitive Aesthetics, Semiotics, Chaos and Leadership


2001 / Designing e-logos in Corporate Identity Strategy

Corporate Identity

2001 / Corporate Identity Strategy: Empirical Analyses of Major ASEAN Corporations

Decision Making

2011 / Beyond Jungian Synchronicity, Decision-making via Poetical Imagery

Design & Pottery

2007 / Contextualising the Design Mind of an Ancient Potter - A Case Study of the Religious Context of Islam and Ming Kendi


2007 / Intelligent Recognising and Classifying of Tubular-shaped Objects: A Case Study of Mystical Tibetan Dzis
2008 / Cognitive Neuronal Dynamics of Aesthetics: Kawabata and Zeki’s Neuroscience on Beauty in Paralleli
2008 / Systems Engineering Perspectives on the 2500-Year-Old Art of War by Sun Tzu


2005 / The Mind of a Technopreneuress: Differentiating the Self-leading, Entrepreneurial from Custodial, Managerial Female


2008 / Conceptual Lessons on Financial Strategy following the US Sub-prime Crisis
2009 / Das Kapital, Global Crisis and Leadership
2009 / It Takes Two to Tango
2010 / Is there Risk of a Cataclysm? Changing Perceptions of the Dollar
2010 / A Tale of Geely and Ford: in the Pursuit of Shareholders' Value
/ A Molecular Structuring Approach to Portfolio Risk Management
/ Exploring "Molecularity" within Industry Clusters

Industrial Relations

1991 / Union Presence and Corporate Productivity Practises: Evidence from Singapore
1991 / Does Unionisation lead to Corporate Changes in Productivity Practices? - Insights from Singapore


1997 / Productivity Innovation as a Social Movement: The Case of Singapore


2007 / Molecular, Structural Firm Adaptations to Environments: Empirical Tao of the CEO
2012 / New paradigm, a Socio-spirituality Research on Succession in Leadership: Consciousness, Mind Theory of Karmapas?
2012 / Transitions in Leadership: China and the USA


1988 / Residential Property Act: Recovery of Deposit Paid under an Illegal Contract
1993 / Federal Computer Services Sdn Bhd v Ang Jee Hai Eric
1993 / Mechanical Handling Engineering (S) Pte Ltd v Material Handling Engineering Pte Ltd & Anor
1993 / Re Jaguar Trademark
1993 / Personal and Proprietary Interests in Negligence
2006 / Conceptualising the Frameworks for an Internet-based, Artificial Judging System
2010 / Societal Legal Fabric for Engendering "Order Out of Chaos"
2010 / Systemic Modelling of Courts in Knowledge Creation: Tao of Judges Transmuting Cases into Social Legal Fabric


1989 / Managing Corporate Performance in Technological Industries
1996 / Generating Commitments towards Improving Corporate Performance
2001 / In Search of a Framework for Internationalising Manufacturing into Emerging China
2011 / Chinese Management Studies Editorial

Mind & Matter

2007 / The Archaeology of Mind


1992 / Culture, Productivity and Structure: A Singapore Study
1993 / "Organism" Model of a Firm


1990 / Perceptions of Corporate Productivity Practices
2003 / Enabling Symbolism for Communicating Performance: Strategic Analyses of Corporate Value-added Productivity

Project Commercialisation

2011 / Towards a Future of Mobile, Competitive “port-in-ocean” System for Evolving Seamless Supply Chains
2011 / The Revolutionary Efficiency of the Tipper Barge System


2003 / Child of the Internet: Perceptions of Creativity in e-Identities
2003 / Freudian Analysis of a Judgment
2008 / Identity, “Third Eye”, Darwinian Survival and Competitive Unconscious: A global, empirical Survey


1992 / Strategic Modelling of Productive Efficiency
1992 / Strategic Planning of the ASEAN Region
2003 / Forecastability, Chaos and Foresight
2005 / Three Kingdoms, Sense Making and Complexity Theory
2010 / Exploring Thinking from Antiquity in Managing Logistics, Supply and Resources: Chinese Sun Tzu, Indian Kautilya and Supply Chain Management

Technology Management

1997 / Artificial Firm: Technology, Organisation and Woodward Revisited
2002 / The Neural Firm: Burns and Stalker in Extenso
2007 / OM of Manufacturing: Exploring Futuristic Manufacturing Perspectives
/ Management of Technology in Asia Pacific